Rosin Tech

solventless oil, solventless dabs, hair straightener dabs

What does "Rosin Tech" mean?

Definition: Rosin Tech is a solventless extraction method involving the use of a hair straightener or flat iron to apply heat and pressure to cannabis. Using a piece of parchment paper to wrap your flowers or low-grade hash, you set the hair straightener to a specific temperature (opinions vary as to what temperature is best) and then press onto the parchment paper until the oils begin to extract. The phrase "Rosin Tech" was popularized by Instagram user @SoilGrown to describe this process when he posted a demonstration video in early 2015.

Example usage for Rosin Tech

In 2025, there will be a monument of SoilGrown holding a hair straightener to honor the contribution that Rosin Tech has made to society.

Rosin Tech