Cannabis branding material created by StickerYou.

Make Your Cannabis Brand Stick with StickerYou

With restrictions on product advertising so commonplace in the cannabis industry, it is incredibly important for cannabis companies to make sure they have an impactful brand. Without traditional advertising avenues, cannabis entrepreneurs need to make sure their product labels, t-shirts, window decals and more are exactly in line with what they have envisioned for their brand, and that’s not always easy — especially for startups and young companies.

StickerYou is a Toronto-based company that provides branded products including stickers, decals, iron-on labels, tattoos, patches, magnets, and more. You can upload your own art to print your materials or use the StickerYou website’s design suite to develop exactly the look and feel you want for your branding material. If necessary, the company also has an art team who can assist you in the development process.

StickerYou understands that small companies often need to adjust and fine-tune their brand on the fly, so the company offers a comprehensive platform that facilitates the honing of your branded material so that it fits your exact needs. The company is dedicated to keeping its services affordable, even for a startup’s budget.

“Usually with industrial printers, you have to order large quantities to make it cost efficient. This is where we are unique in the market,” said Ana Caracaleanu, Director of Marketing and Communications for StickerYou. “With StickerYou, you have complete control over the quantity that you order. Let’s say you change your product quite often, you can order just 10 stickers or 100 stickers. That gives the customer flexibility to say ‘You know what, I’m testing a product right now,’ and not spend a lot of money ordering in large quantities.”

StickerYou is also capable of printing a competitively priced single sticker — or even one sheet of stickers using multiple designs — so you can test your branding materials out in person before the commitment of spending big money to have it mass produced.

And while StickerYou stickers are of course sticky, they don’t have to be messy: if you are recycling or reusing your labeled containers, you can order removable stickers that won’t leave any residue on the product itself, Caracaleanu explained.

All products are manufactured locally by the company’s fully automated facilities in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and typically take between 1-4 business days to make it through production, depending on how complicated your order is and how many other orders are already being processed at that point in time.

StickerYou affords cannabis entrepreneurs the ability to fine tune their brand and product packaging without worrying about the nightmare of ordering thousands of product labels only to learn that new regulations are taking effect that will require all that branding material to change.

To learn more about StickerYou, request product samples, or get a customized quote, visit or email