Steve DeAngelo Discusses His Marijuana Investment Strategy in Interview

Steve DeAngelo has made a name for himself throughout 40 years of cannabis activism and many significant feats of marijuana entrepreneurship (which include the founding of Harborside Health Center — the world’s largest and most successful medical dispensary — and Steep Hill — a testing lab that is setting nationwide standards for medical cannabis testing facilities). DeAngelo recently appeared on an episode of the podcast, in which he discussed the release of his book, “The Cannabis Manifesto,” as well as what it takes to build a successful cannabis enterprise.

Shango Los, host of the podcast, said of the book: “Steve has found an elegant way to balance Cannabis medicine advocacy with an understanding of how markets work. His book is required reading for anyone interested in Cannabis or healing humans.”

DeAngelo, who is also founder of The Arcview Group — one of the largest and fastest-growing investment groups currently pursuing opportunities in cannabis — offered several recommendations for investors and entrepreneurs who want to make it big in legal marijuana. “I think that talent is a lot more important than money,” he told Ganjapreneur podcast host, Shango Los. “I’ve seen cannabis companies who have received pretty significant infusions of cash and not done a whole lot of great things with that cash because they lacked the talent to be able to properly execute on it.”

He also offers advice to cannabis professionals for keeping the legalization and normalization political movements moving: “register to vote, know who your elected representatives are, write a few campaign donations to them, and make sure that they understand how you care about this issue,” he explained. “If every American who was in favor of cannabis reform did that, we would have the laws changed tomorrow.”

The podcast is available for download via iTunes and at, where there is also a transcript of the interview available.

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