The 2nd Annual 420 Games in Los Angeles: Review & Photos

The growing number of cannabis users in California continues to bring about an abundance of new and diverse consumers who span across all walks of life. Such was certainly the case at the 2nd Annual 420 Games at the Santa Monica Pier. On April 2nd, 2017, participants gathered together for a fun-fueled day of sun, sand, exercise, and amazing meds.

Registration began at 7:30 a.m. as runners, walkers, bike enthusiasts, rollerbladers, and skateboarders entered the northern lot and prepared for the 4.2-mile route across the sun-filled beachscape. Before things began, guests were welcome to partake in a warm-up yoga session (hosted by FlavRx) to loosen up for the impending course. 9 a.m. marked the time for people to gather at the starting line. A few selfies and stretches later, along with some encouraging words by the 420 Games Lead Coordinator Jim McAlpine, and all were on the move.

From the pier, it was off to the Boardwalk of Venice Beach where participants could recuperate, rehydrate, and prepare for the journey back. Once back at the pier, event goers were treated to a wide mix of over a hundred vendors and exhibitors providing everything from infused topical creams, CBD infusions, and a plethora of samplings. To name just a few: Endohack Labs, Jambo Superfoods, Swerve Confections, Be Trū Organics, THC Design, Dro-tein Cannabis Powder, Lola Lola, Anakatrina’s Edibles, Sensi Chew, Neuro Armour, CannaKids, Buds And Roses Collective, MedMen, Venice Relief, Advanced Nutrients — and many more.

Ex-NFL players Nate Jackson, Eben Britton, Boo Williams, and Kyle Turley visited to share their insights on cannabis in sports activities, and the BMX Pros Trick Team kept the crowd entertained with high-flying feats. Craft beer samplings were also made available to drink ticket holders from Lagunitas Beer Tasting.

According to event organizer Jim McAlpine,

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be here again. The 2nd LA 420 Games has exceeded our expectations and increased exponentially from last year. The sheer number of positive people who’ve attended makes it all worthwhile. We’re all extremely thankful to the volunteers, guests, and contributors who came together to change the face of cannabis and make this event possible.”

The official event drew to a close at 2pm; however, what’s a great event without a great after party?

Quality Concentrates hosted the event, where party-goers were able to indulge in live music, free samplings, and more good vibes. Exhibitors at the after party included: Papa & Barkley, Hotnife vape cartridges, Grandma’s Goodies Delivery, hmbldt, Xtractology, Betty Khronic, Med-ePen, Whoopi & Maya, Honey Vape, The Cannabis Method Delivery, and Om Edibles.

As laws change and the general perception of cannabis progresses toward wider acceptance, we’ll see the stigma that has impeded the industry deteriorate more. Long gone are the days of the stereotypical stoner — today’s cannabis users (and products) are more sophisticated than ever.

A big thank you to all who made the 2nd Annual 420 Games at Santa Monica Pier such an amazing event. The 420 Games will be conducting additional events as they tour throughout the country. For more information on the 420 Games and any of their upcoming events, visit