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Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis advisory board has recommended the program include flower – but the rules would only allow the products to be vaporized, according to a WGAL8 report. The recommendation comes after the state’s currently operating dispensaries have run out of products – liquids, creams, and lotions – allowed under the law.

The board also discussed whether an age limit should be applied to access the state regime but did not offer any recommendations on the topic.

“So, they are taking a look at all the research and the data but understanding how it impacts patients. Ultimately we want to make sure patients have access to medication that’s going to work for them.” – April Hutcheson, director of communications, Pennsylvania Department of Health

The board will vote on the measure during their April 9 session.

Dispensaries are sold out amidst high demand and allowing flower could help prevent droughts. Just one of 12 licensed cannabis wholesalers are delivering products to retailers, while two other cultivator/processors are expected to have their crops processed this month. At least two dispensaries are not expecting to have products back in stock until Mar. 15. Two more dispensaries are expected to come online next week.

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