A close-up shot of a cannabis plant grown under Washington's I-502 market regulations.

Rory Savatgy

Gov. Tom Wolfe of Pennsylvania, a Democrat, on Friday signed a bill amending the Pennsylvania medical cannabis law so that the state can proceed with its MMJ research program, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. The bill was written to avoid a pending lawsuit that alleges the state improperly delegated authority to medical schools regarding the selection of cannabis growers.

The original law allowed medical schools to choose their own cannabis growers for research supplies. The previous language of the law would have allowed medical schools to circumvent the state’s official grower selection process, to which all cannabis growers and dispensaries have had to conform to date.

Opponents had issues remaining, even after the amendment. The new wording of the law still does not specify exactly what is meant by “research” or require disclosure regarding payments made from medical cannabis¬†grow partners to medical schools. Opponents of the law say the situation favors corruption.

The Connecticut Department of Health has said they will have the last word on which partners are qualified to partner with medical schools.

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