Paul L. McCord Jr.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health released the final draft of rules outlining the state’s newly established Medical Marijuana Authority program on Sunday, according to a KOCO 5 News report. The move was mandated by voters when they approved a ballot initiative last month legalizing the medical use of cannabis.

A rough draft of the rules was first released for public comment on June 26.

“Those public comments, as well as comments from other state agency partners and other interested groups, have been carefully reviewed and considered from a legal perspective with the overarching responsibility of the Department of Health to promote and protect public health while implementing the will of the people as demonstrated in the passage of State Question 788.” — Statement included with the updated rules, via KOCO 5 News

The proposal includes rules that dictate who can make recommendations and write prescriptions for medical cannabis, who is allowed access to the program, and other restrictions such as capping THC count for cannabis products at 12 percent and requiring pregnancy tests for women of “childbearing years” before they can access the program.

A meeting on Tuesday — scheduled for 11:00 a.m. in Room 1102 at the Oklahoma State Department of Health Building — may be the last chance for public comment on the proposal, which will be submitted for review and possible adoption later this week.

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