Ohio voters rejected a proposal to legalize medical and recreational marijuana on Tuesday.

Issue 3 would have made cannabis legal for adults ages 21 and older to grow, possess, and use recreational cannabis. The same ballot measure would have made it legal for medical uses as well, something that hasn’t been tried previously.

Among those who voted against the ballot were some who disagreed with the fact that commercial marijuana grow licenses would be restricted to a small group of investors.

“I can’t believe I voted no when it was finally on the ballot,” said Marty Dvorchak. “I think it’s ridiculous that marijuana is illegal.”

State lawmakers created another ballot initiative — Issue 2 — that would have undermined legalization efforts by disallowing the insertion of monopolies, oligopolies, or cartels into the Ohio constitution, as Issue 3 would have done by creating exclusive growing sites.



Photo Credit: ProgressOhio

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