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Cannabis Industry Interviews

Cannabis Industry Interviews

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Mike Yoell: Putting Police Experience to Work in Cannabis

Mike Yoell is a managing partner for Core Security Solutions, a San Francisco-based company that offers an extensive suite of […]

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Roger Brauninger: Cannabis Lab Accreditation

Roger Brauninger is the Biosafety Program Manager for the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) — a non-profit, internationally recognized accreditation service […]


Matthias Crandall: Creating the PSICO2 Extraction System

Matthias Crandall is the innovator behind Paradigm Supercritical Innovations, creators of the PSICO2 extraction systems. We caught up with Matthias recently […]

TG Branfalt: Cannabis Journalism and Reporting On What Matters

TG Branfalt has been writing for Ganjapreneur for the past two years, covering cannabis policy updates and business developments around […]


Susan Rust: Why Cannabis Companies Should Invest in Their Brand

Susan Rust is Founder of 4blooms, a California-based boutique marketing firm serving cannabis industry clients. Susan brings 20+ years of […]

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Anne van Leynseele: Cannabis Law in the Northwest

Anne van Leynseele is Founder of Northwest Marijuana Law (NWMJ Law), a firm that specializes in state cannabis laws up and […]

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Brandon Cassens: Bringing Home Grow Options to Urbanites

Brandon Cassens is Founder of My Urban Greenhouse — an urban gardening solution for folks who lack the yard space […]

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Daniel Yazbeck: The Future of Personal Chemical Analysis

Daniel Yazbeck is CEO of MyDX, a company which aims to produce the first widely-used consumer devices for personal chemical analysis. The company’s […]

Charlie Heidenreich: Engineering Innovations in Pipe Technology

Charlie Heidenreich is Founder and President of Deathcache Pipes, a Wisconsin-based manufacturing company that recently released its patented specialty pipe, […]


Roger Martin: Advocating Medical Cannabis Treatment for Veterans

Roger Martin is the founder of Grow for Vets USA, a nonprofit working to ease the suffering of veterans through […]


Paul Pedreira: Fighting Back Against Over-Regulation

Paul Pedreira is owner of Portland Best Buds, a premium cannabis dispensary located in the St. Johns neighborhood of Portland, […]

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Ata Gonzalez: Betting Everything on a Cannabis Start-Up

Ata Gonzalez is the founder of GFarmaLabs, a cannabis processor and infused product manufacturer based in California which has developed […]

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Danielle Rosellison: Running a Family Business in the Cannabis Industry

Danielle Rosellison is co-founder of Trail Blazin’ Productions, a licensed cannabis producer in Bellingham, Washington. As a family-run business that […]

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Dr. Daniela Vergara: Exploring the Cannabis Genome

Dr. Daniela Vergara is an evolutionary biologist and co-founder of the Cannabis Genomics Research Initiative (CGRI), and has been working on exploring the […]

Matthew Feinstein: Laying the Groundwork for a National Cannabis Franchise

Matthew Feinstein is the co-founder and CEO of Pineapple Express, a publicly-traded company based out of California which is in […]

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Ophelia Chong: Changing Public Perceptions of Cannabis with Stock Photography

When she launched StockPotImages.com in 2015, Ophelia Chong saw more than a business opportunity: she saw an opportunity to embrace and support the […]

Dr. Donald Land: Testing Commercial Cannabis for Pesticides

Dr. Donald Land is the Chief Scientific Consultant for Steep Hill, one of the leading scientific cannabis analysis labs in […]

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Kellie Butterfield Dodds: Helping to Normalize Cannabis Through Film

Kellie Butterfield Dodds is the founder and owner of the Cannabis Film Festival in Garberville, California, an annual event that celebrates cannabis […]


Chris Kelly: Bringing Medical-Grade Extracts to the Recreational Market

Chris Kelly is the Vice President and General Manager of Landrace Labs, a cannabis production company serving Washington State’s recreational […]

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David Lampach: Establishing Cannabis Standards and Methodologies

David Lampach is the co-founder and CEO of Steep Hill, which was the first company to offer lab testing services […]


Cy Scott: Cannabis Data & Business Intelligence

As states have legalized cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, an industry has rapidly taken root with producers, retailers, and […]

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Charlo Greene: Cultivating Diversity in the Cannabis Industry

In 2014, Charlo Greene made international headlines when she quit her job on-air to pursue a career in the cannabis […]

Chloe Villano: Founding Colorado’s Clover Leaf University

In our latest interview, Ganjapreneur heard from Chloe Villano, a serial entrepreneur from Colorado and founder of the nation’s first […]

Robert Calkin: Making Cannabis Careers Possible

Our most recent interview features Robert Calkin, founder of Cannabis Career Institute, an innovator among marijuana schools. Robert is also president of […]

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Garyn Angel: Empowering Patients with Homemade Cannabis Infusions

Anyone who has tried likely remembers the first time they attempted to infuse butter with cannabis, and everyone’s story probably shares a […]

Dan Humiston: Creating the International Cannabis Association

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dan Humiston, founder and president of the International Cannabis Association, who represents a large […]

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Mike Siffin: Exploring the Cannabis Entertainment Niche

Our latest featured ganjapreneur has made it his mission to normalize cannabis and overcome stereotypes with entertainment products geared toward the […]


Michelle Sexton: Cannabis Testing for Safety and Consistency

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Michelle Sexton of PhytaLab, a cannabis testing lab serving medical and recreational […]

Todd Mitchem: Creating a Cannabis-Friendly Dating App

One of the most common misconceptions about cannabis is that it has the same effect on everyone who consumes it. This, […]

Brian Westphal: Spreading Hemp Awareness with Skateboards

Recently, Ganjapreneur had the chance to connect with Brian Westphal, an entrepreneur looking to innovate and spread awareness in the industrial […]

Shango Los: Establishing a Local Cannabis Trade Organization

As the cannabis industry becomes legalized in new states and regions, one of the most important questions facing growers and processors […]

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Matt Brown: Inside the Colorado Model

With two legal recreational markets in the United States and several more on the way, much of the debate has […]


Douglas Leighton: Investing in Cannabis Industry Start-Ups

Ganjapreneur is excited to present our latest interview with cannabis investor Douglas Leighton. Leighton is a co-founder and principal partner at Dutchess […]

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Danielli Martel: The World’s First Cannabis Day Spa

Since the inception of Colorado’s recreational cannabis industry, the market has grown and thrived. Apart from growers, processors, and retailers, the industry […]

Steven Siegel: Pioneering Seed-To-Sale Tracking Systems

As cannabis legalization has gone recreational, the demand for more regulation and oversight has grown significantly. In Washington State as […]

Matt Gray: From a Recipe Website to a Crowdfunded Cookbook

Special brownies have been around for a long time, but only recently has the general public become aware of the […]

Matt Brown: Leading Lawmakers Through Uncertain Territory

There are now four states in the USA that have voted to legalize cannabis for recreational use. But how do […]

David Murét via Viridian Staffing: Connecting Employers and Job-Seekers in the Cannabis Industry

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing David Murét of Viridian, a staffing agency for the cannabis industry based out […]

John Evich via Top Shelf Cannabis: Investing in Washington’s Recreational Market

In July, when we first contacted John Evich about the possibility of featuring Top Shelf Cannabis as the first installment […]


Matt Brown: The Birth of the Marijuana Industry in Colorado

In the second segment of our interview with Matt Brown of My 420 Tours, he goes into detail about the […]


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