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Why was cannabis outlawed throughout most of the world?

During the War on Drugs, the United States applied immense diplomatic pressure to its allies and trading partners around the world to heavily criminalize cannabis and other naturally-occurring herbal medicines. In many of these places, cannabis was an accepted form of traditional medicine and/or viewed as a harmless spiritual practice. Today, as the U.S. begins to accelerate on the path to full decriminalization and legalization, many nations around the world are already getting a head start.

Where is cannabis fully legalized?

There are a few nations that have already approved cannabis legalization and/or decriminalization at the federal level, such as Canada and Mexico. Other nations, like Israel and Germany, have passed medical cannabis legalization in order to conduct research and to serve patients suffering from debilitating conditions. In other places, like The Netherlands, the laws allow for personal possession and consumption within strict guidelines, but not for production or commercial activities. Before you travel somewhere, it is good to get familiar with the local laws around cannabis so you know what your risks and rights are if you find yourself in a situation where cannabis is available, or if you plan to search for it yourself.

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