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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill into law this week that will establish an early marketplace for the limited retail sale of recreational cannabis edibles and concentrates.

The law, Senate Bill 1511, also establishes a system wherein recreational dispensaries will be able to provide tax-free cannabis to medical marijuana patients.

Under the new changes, medical dispensaries will be allowed to sell a single low-dose edible and/or the equivalent of a small vape pen filled with cannabis concentrate to adults who are 21 and older.

It remains unclear exactly when Oregon’s real recreational market will come online, but officials have stated that it should launch before the end of 2016.

Last year, the Oregon legislature voted to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to sell cannabis flower and plant clones to recreational consumers who are 21 or older. It was a widely supported move among the cannabis industry, and simply recognizing how public opinion toward marijuana has shifted earned Oregon lawmakers a great deal of respect. Until now, however, consumers did not have access to Oregon’s long-established medibles and cannabis concentrate markets.

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