Nebraska MMJ Ballot Question Legislation Moves to Committee

Nebraska state Sen. Anna Wishart’s proposal to legalize medical cannabis via a ballot measure to add the reforms to the state constitution has moved to the Legislature Judiciary Committee, and, if approved by lawmakers, the measure could head to voters in November, the Associated Press reports.

The proposal has drawn the ire of Assistant Nebraska Attorney General Ryan Post, who said lawmakers “should not expose” Nebraska to a program illegal under federal law. Dr. Thomas Williams, the state’s chief medical officer, also does not support the reforms, saying that more research is needed.

Putting a constitutional amendment to voters requires support from 30 of the Legislature’s 49 Senators and any filibuster – which derailed a medical cannabis bill last year – would require 33 votes to overcome. Wishart has said that she doesn’t believe that the Legislature is “equipped to make medical decisions.”

A November survey by the Marijuana Policy Project found 77 percent of Nebraskans indicated they would support a medical cannabis ballot question, according to a World-Herald report.

“From my perspective, it was not a surprise. I hear from Nebraskans every day on the issue of legalizing medical cannabis.” – Wishart to the World-Herald

In 2016, medical cannabis legislation fell just three votes short in the Legislature from passing.

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