Poll: 61% of Michigan Supports Rec. Cannabis Legalization Initiative

A Michigan State University Institute for Public Policy and Social Research poll has found 61 percent support for cannabis legalization in the state, with 34 percent opposed and 5 percent undecided. Cannabis legalization was the only issue on the poll with fewer than 15 percent undecided.

Pollsters found support lags among Michiganders 65-and-older. Just 30 percent of that population supported the reforms, while 80 percent of respondents under 30 approved of legalization, along with 62 percent of individuals aged 30 to 64.

“Since the marijuana initiative has a large lead with relatively few undecideds, it appears likely that it will pass.” – MSU economics professor and director of the State of the State Survey Charles Ballard, to MSU Today

This is the third poll this year to find majority support for the cannabis legalization in Michigan. A January poll from Local 4 and the Detroit News found 56.6 percent support, with 36.7 percent opposed and 6.7 percent undecided. A March poll by EPIC-MRA commissioned by Michigan NORML found 61 percent support with 35 percent opposed.

Lawmakers know the initiative is very likely to pass and have considered tying a legalization bill to another measure cutting the state’s income tax. Passing the bill via the Legislature would give them more control over the structure and implementation of the industry; however, House Speaker Tom Leonard, a Republican, told WEMU that he doesn’t anticipate lawmakers moving on the issue. The Legislature has until June 16 to take up the issue or it will go to the voters in November.

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