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Welcome to the ultimate weed slang guide, created to help you get familiar with all things related to cannabis. In the close-knit world of marijuana consumers, code words and inside jokes abound: if you’re new to the herb, a lot of these references might fly right over your head. The good news is, here at Ganjapreneur we are compiling an open source dictionary of every cannabis-related slang term and phrase in the world, and our list is constantly growing. From regional monikers to pop-culture phenomena, we provide a quick and easy reference to help you comprehend any and all dialects of herbal vernacular. If you know of a term that we missed, please let us know!

Cannabis Terminology 101

Marijuana, weed, ganja, grass, dope, dro, etc.: there is no shortage of names for everyone’s favorite plant. The prevalence of these different names may be due in part to the prohibition of cannabis in the U.S. and around the world, which was often a politically-motivated and racially-targeted decision to outlaw behaviors that were common among populations that the government wanted to control. Once it became illegal, people would have needed to obscure their references to cannabis in order to hide the fact that they consumed / grew / sold it, and these names would need to evolve over time as they became well-known by the authorities.

Another potential reason for why there are so many different words for “marijuana” is that smoking weed often leads to talking about weed, which often leads to coming up with unique nicknames and descriptions for how the weed makes you feel… in other words, it’s like a self-replicating fractal, man.

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Weed Measurements

Whether you’re selling or buying, knowing the lingo for different quantities of cannabis is essential if you want to participate in the underground (or “traditional”) market. From a dub to a zip and beyond, we’ve summed up the most common denominations of cannabis you’re likely to encounter on your dealer’s coffee table.

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Synonyms for Weed

Mary Jane has many aliases, and much like Carmen San Diego, trying to find her when you’re traveling the world can be difficult if you don’t speak the local language. Luckily, we’ve compiled some of the most (and least) common nicknames that cannabis goes by. Some are regional, some are classical, but all of them mean the same thing.

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Stoner Terms & Phrases

The “stoner” stereotype has been aggressively pushed in mainstream media for decades, both by proponents and detractors of cannabis. In reality, the effects of cannabis use vary from person to person, but that fact didn’t stop legions of stonified slang terms and references from getting couch-locked in mainstream culture.

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