Marijuana Slang Dictionary Open To Public Submissions

For anyone who prides themselves on their knowledge of marijuana subcultures and slang terms, there is now an “open source” outlet to share this knowledge with the public. Ganjapreneur, a website dedicated to entrepreneurs and investors in the cannabis industry, has recently announced a marijuana slang dictionary that is open to the public.

The website publishes news articles and editorials intended to keep “ganjapreneurs,” or anyone who is pursuing a career in the newly-legal cannabis industry, informed about the state of the industry as a whole. The site offers original content as well as curated headlines via other websites that directly relate to the business of cannabis itself.

With the launch of the¬†Marijuana Slang Dictionary, Ganjapreneur marks its first foray into user-generated content by inviting the public to submit their favorite slang terms and phrases for inclusion. Entries to date include “420,” “cheeba,” “bongwater,” and numerous others. Users may search the dictionary for a specific term, or browse by category. The slang dictionary currently includes categories such as “stoner phrases,” “paraphernalia,” and “units of measurement” to categorize its growing collection of slang terms and cannabis-related phrases that are commonplace in the industry.

A representative for the website explained that the dictionary is intended to be both informational and entertaining. “If you read through some of the example usages for the different terms, you can see that the writers had a lot of fun with the whole thing. You might see the word ‘dude’ about a hundred times in there. Maybe more,” he said. “We absolutely encourage anyone who is submitting a term to get creative with their definition. This is supposed to be fun, so by all means, smoke a bowl before you make your contribution.”

Ganjapreneur launched earlier this summer with a large volume of original news articles and a few interviews with prominent cannabis industry pioneers. Ganjapreneur encourages business owners who have an interesting story or compelling product to reach out to be interviewed, and also offers advertising and promotions via their website.