Review: Lyons Carry Cases

Lyons Carry Cases is a Seattle-based company dedicated to providing locally-manufactured, high quality pouches designed specifically for your pipe, pot, and vaporizer — and any other bit of paraphernalia that might be kicking around your pockets.

The fabric seems sturdy, and each Lyons case is clearly built to survive the regular wear and tear of everyday use.

A medium-sized Lyons Carry Case. Large-sized case is pictured above.

Each pouch is designed to be opened and closed with ease using magnetic strips, so there’s no fuss messing with unnecessary zippers or buttons, and there is even gel padding worked into the pouch’s structure to help ensure the safety of your pipe, vaporizer, and any other fragile possessions.

It’s a neat niche product, but one that could also easily be used for carrying other important parts of your life, such as your cell phone, keys, or cash.

Currently, the Lyons Carry Case is offered in three sizes: small, medium and large. Visit the company website — — to read more about their unique pipe pouch offerings, or to purchase your own!


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