The Kansas Senate Committee on Federal and State Affairs has approved a bill (SB.151) that would allow doctors to recommend and pharmacists to dispense “non-intoxicating cannabinoid medicine,” the Wichita Eagle reports. Although the bill does not define “non-intoxicating” it’s likely lawmakers are referring to CBD.

Republican state Sen. Ty Masterson, said the measure was a “more appropriate first step” than a comprehensive medical cannabis program.

“There’s some evidence that shows that there’s medical value to that,” Masterson said in the report. “This really sets apart those that are trying to get high versus those trying to get a medical benefit.”

However, the committee was initially supposed to vote on SB.155 – the Cannabis Compassion and Care Act – but SB.151 was offered up as a replacement. The committee was split on substituting 155 for 151, but the latter ultimately passed the committee unanimously. The bill does not include any language indicating cannabis would be grown for CBD-based medicines; however it does indicate that pharmacies would be able to obtain approved medicines from “exclusive distributors.”

The measure moves next to the full Senate for a vote. If approved by the legislature and signed by Republican Gov. Sam Brownback, the law would take effect immediately.

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