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Director of Cultivation @ RC Cultivation, LLC

Job Description

RC Cultivation is opening an indoor cannabis cultivation and manufacturing facility in an existing warehouse in Worcester, Massachusetts. The company is looking for a Director of Cultivation to participate in the design and fit-out of the facility, initiate cultivation operations and manage the on-going work of the cultivation department.
Duties & Responsibilities
1. Participate in design development including but not limited to:
a. Work flow and space planning;
b. Lighting selection and layout;
c. Heating, cooling and dehumidification equipment selection;
d. Growing medium and irrigation system selection;
e. Automated controls selection.
2. Assist in managing the fit-out of the facility. Be on hand daily while work is in progress, ensure compliance with plans and specifications, take appropriate action when technical or quality control issues arise.
3. Hire, train and manage the cultivation staff.
4. Identify and select genetic strains of cannabis to maximize yield and quality.
5. Develop and implement standard cultivation operating procedures in line with principles of operational excellence. Provide means for organizational learning and continuous improvement.
6. Assist in developing cultivation Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Collaborate in establishing KPI goals and incorporating them as milestones in cultivation schedules.
7. Organize and manage day to day cultivation operations based on cultivation and manufacturing schedules. Take corrective action when off schedule performance is anticipated or encountered.
8. Identify and troubleshoot plant and biomass related issues in all phases of cultivation. Maintain quality control discipline.
9. Stay up to date on indoor cannabis cultivation technology and processes. Make recommendations on beneficial changes.
10. Ensure compliance with security and odor control protocols.
11. Ensure compliance with all local and Cannabis Control Commission regulations. Stay informed of regulatory changes.
1. Bachelor’s degree in horticulture, botany or forestry. Master’s degree preferred but not required.
2. A total of 7 years of indoor cultivation experience. 5 years of management experience with indoor cultivation of plants grown for human consumption and a minimum of 2 years of experience as the director of indoor cannabis cultivation. All experience must be in indoor facilities with at least 50,000 square feet of growing area. Experience in climates similar to the Northeast preferred but not required.
3. Strong computer/software skills including the ability to quickly learn new software.
4. Strong interpersonal skills including the ability to effectively lead people and resolve conflicts.
5. Strong work ethic. Must be available to work long hours and weekends when necessary.
1. Competitive salary;
2. Contributory medical, dental and vision insurance;
3. Paid vacation;
4. Paid holidays;
5. 401K Plan;
6. Relocation stipend.

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    • Full-Time
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    RC Cultivation, LLC

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RC Cultivation, LLC

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