A debate to legalize CBD oil for medical use in Idaho turned into a shouting match behind closed doors, the Associated Press reports, and, in the end, the measure was held in committee, preventing it from moving forward in the chamber.

According to the report, Sen. Tony Potts, a supporter of the measure, asked the Senate Health and Welfare Committee to give the bill a hearing, but the suggestion was soon rejected by Chairman Lee Heider, who asked the committee members to speak with him in his office. Heider denied access to that meeting to the AP – in violation of Idaho‘s open meetings law – and the report indicates that the behind-closed-doors meeting escalated to a shouting match and some of what was said could be heard by reporters.

“The governor’s office doesn’t want this bill, the prosecutors don’t want this bill, the office on drug policy doesn’t want this bill.” – Heider, to colleagues, via the AP

Heider told Potts that his motion was unusual and should not have been made, while other lawmakers defended the legislative action.

The measure has already cleared the House with a veto-proof majority. It’s unlikely the Senate will take any action on the bill this legislative session.

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