How Vaporfly Helps Vape Brands Scale While Maintaining Quality

As more and more cannabis consumers switch from traditional smoking to vaping, vaporizer businesses are in a constant search for the best and most reliable suppliers to collaborate with. Vaporfly is a time-tested and experienced vaporizer distributor with major industry partners.

There are four main supply chain participants for the modern vape consumer: manufacturers, distributors, laboratories, and retailers.

  • Vaporizer Manufacturers are focused on production — their infrastructure is not developed for retail, as they prefer to sell large quantities of products and frequently don’t offer direct shipping.
  • Retailers, meanwhile, are interested in improving the customer experience. As a customer-facing business, they prioritize selling high-quality products, frequently under their own logos.
  • Laboratories provide services for testing, comparing, and analyzing devices — their services could range from measuring a device’s puff count (the max puff count per battery) to determining its e-vapor density (how much vapor the device produces when used).
  • Lastly, Distributors like Vaporfly help with market research, quality control check, and, most importantly, they take care of all issues related to orders and delivery.

Why work with Vaporfly?

As soon as a product is made, it begins its journey to a buyer — and the easiest way for a product to reach its destination is via distributors. Vaporfly is a longstanding distributor that has worked with the leading Chinese manufacturers of vaporizers and oil cartridges for years. Headquartered in California, Vaporfly specializes in the wholesale and white labeling of cannabis vaping devices. The company provides very flexible customization options with quality control at all production stages. You can apply your logo with ease or even make unique designs for vape devices, packages, or accessories.

Additionally, Vaporfly has built international teams of engineers, quality assurance specialists, and logistic managers, all of whom are well-qualified and constantly monitoring the vaporizer market. With around 4,900 vaporizers in their catalog, the logistic managers can consult and help provide an optimal solution to the needs of any business. They can help identify best-suited products among dry herb, wax, or oil vaporizers, which is especially important for vaporizer startups — newcomers don’t always have enough experience and information about what sells best in their local market.

But most importantly, Vaporfly cares about its end-users and therefore constantly monitors the quality of the products sold. It has its own packing and testing laboratory in the United States and tests devices through laboratories located in both China and the U.S. Vaporfly also employs its own quality assurance engineers located throughout China, who regularly visit factories and check the quality of the products.

A one-stop solution

Working with Vaporfly is simple — all you need to do is choose the device you find perfect for your customers, add your brand logo, and place an order. Whenever you have any questions about products, safety, technical characteristics, there will be the Vaporfly team of specialists to provide more information. Especially, if you are new to the market and don’t know your first steps. The specialists can provide you with the statistics, upcoming products, or best sellers that consumers are looking for.

You will receive support all the way from placing an order to the moment of delivery, and the company will take care of any issue for their clients that may arise.

Ultimately, Vaporfly reduces the time and effort required to make your product available to the end-user right after it was produced at a factory. Not only has it a big number of devices in stock, but can also arrange a delivery and quality assurance check.

Interested in working with Vaporfly? Head to the website and make your first order.


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