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Rory Savatgy

How to Add Big Value for Little Cost to Your Cannabis Products

Developing your product and developing your packaging are critical to the sales process, but how do you add value without breaking the bank?

Having just returned from an extensive sourcing trip in Asia, my next series of blogs will be geared to helping you add a tremendous amount of value to both your products and your product packaging. Let’s begin by building a better product for the cannabis industry.

Roleplay your customers first

As you develop your product or product line, think of the customer in two ways:

  1. Existing cannabis customers. What a wonderful time is it for this industry. For those of us who are passionate, experienced and informed about our beloved plant, we know the enormous opportunity this space provides. We get it. We’ve been here. Validate your consumer’s love and develop products that innovate and take their experience to a new level. 
  2. New cannabis customers. Now let’s look at the customer new to the industry. There are millions headed our way and now is the time to develop thoughtful and engaging products to help them on their cannabis journey. These consumers need continue guidance to make a purchase, and your design and copy can make the difference between your product being chosen over your competitor’s. 

Our role as leaders in the space is to help educate others about the benefits of cannabis. Those new to cannabis may not even know the differences between sativa vs. indica, or even THC vs. CBD. Develop your product with this in mind, and be as welcoming and engaging as possible.

Incorporate design and copy

Take a look at this gorgeous collectible box I found in Hong Kong.

The individual tins lend themselves to strong creative via design and copy. Options could include:

  • Labeling canisters by strain (sativa, indica, hybrid, etc)
  • Labeling each canister by effect (creative, happy, focused, relaxed, etc.)
  • Visually label each canister with images that describe the mood of the experience (emojis, symbols, etc)

When working with design and copy, you should always refer to your style guide for your rules and design elements.

Add valuable accessories that are beautifully branded

One example of a company who has added value with accessories is AnnaBis luxury handbags. These gorgeous bags come in a deep purple satin drawstring bag that one can reuse for a number of functions. They also include a high-quality canister with a gold top that matches their logo. I can personally testify that both of these accessories I’ve used at times when I didn’t have the actual handbag on my person. This is a sign of a well thought out and developed product. It adds value without adding too many costs. 

Add value through education 

The more familiar you are with your product the more you assume consumers know. Step back and view your product through the eyes of your customer. Add information to educate them about the benefits of your product and make it easier for them to connect to their purchase. This information could cover:

  • How to use your product?
  • When to use your product?
  • Where to use your product? 
  • What makes your product superior?
  • How much product to use?
  • What are the effects?

There is often a need to educate a consumer about the finer details you offer. This information may not fit in the aesthetic of the product that you’re developing for the market. When that is the case, for a little bit of money you can add something as simple as a hang tag. This hang tag could explain your product’s value, drive your customer to your website, and can help them feel good about completing their purchase.

These affordable additions can take your cannabis product to new heights. As you increase your value, you can also increase your selling price.  As leaders in the cannabis space, it is critical we welcome new consumers, and take the advice and encouragement of cannabis veterans. Pushing each other to create better product elevates the industry as a whole.

Remember, go as far as you can see, and when you get there you’ll see further.

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