Bob Doran

Denver’s Green Man Cannabis has issued a voluntary recall of some of its cannabis flower and edible products over concerns that it contains residual levels of illegal, off-label pesticides, the Denver Department of Environmental Health said in a recall notice.

The department is urging customers who purchased the affected products from Green Man shops on Santa Fe Drive and Hampden Avenue locations to return them to the location they purchased them from or dispose of them.

In a press release, Christian Hageseth, Green Man CEO, said the company believes “the plants became compromised from pesticide residue in the building, not application” and they are “taking the most aggressive steps possible to correct this.”

“We are now convinced residues remained, unknown to us, in the building’s duct work, paint, and flooring, and circulating air tainted the plants,” he said. “…Our plan is to rip out everything in our grow facilities – take it down to the studs.”

Hageseth indicated that the retail shops would remain open and would sell products from other growers “until we are confident that no pesticide residue is present.”

According to the health department website, more than 30 cannabis recalls have been issued since July 2015, 14 of which occurred last year. There have been no reports of illness related to the Green Man recall.

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