Florida MMJ Law Moves Forward Following Legal Suit

A Florida judge upheld the state’s proposed medical marijuana law in a ruling Wednesday, which allows the state to begin licensing growers this summer.

In a case brought by an Orange County grower that claimed that proposed medical marijuana law unfairly favored large, politically-connected nurseries in bids for five regional licenses, Florida Administrative Hearings Judge David Watkins ruled against the plaintiff.

In upholding the current language of the bill, the ruling allows the Florida Department of Health to begin receiving license applications, assuming the claimant, Baywood Nurseries of Apopka, doesn’t appeal the ruling.

Backers of the proposed law were, unsurprisingly, exultant. “It’s about time we all moved forward on this,” said Seth Hyman, a Weston resident seeking to procure medicine for his nine-year-old daughter. “”It’s been too long, and the patients of Florida continue to suffer.”

The proposed law allows just five companies across the state to produce low-THC cannabis oil extracts for sale to patients suffering from intractable epilepsy and certain other conditions. Since going into effect in July 2014, the law has been in limbo following legal suits brought against it.

It is unclear how soon patients will have access to the medicine. Kerry Herndon, of Kerry’s Nursery in Apopka, said that it’s possible that he could have oil extracts ready somewhere between 90-160 days after he receives seedlings.



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