Closed Loop Extraction Systems & Services

Cannabis concentrates and extracts are steadily growing in popularity on the legal market, and most regulations strictly require that such products be  manufactured via clean and professional methods. These companies aim to satisfy those regulations by helping entrepreneurs produce safe, high-quality concentrates. 

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Best Value Vacs

Location: Naperville, IL 60563
Phone: 8005627471

We provide the most economical and effective chamber on the market. Although it is essential to keep costs low, We believe it is most important to make this chamber superior to competition by offering great customer service, using high quality materials, thorough quality control and by shipping items same or next day.
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Essential Extracts

Location: Colorado

Our mission is to provide the strongest, cleanest, solvent-less cannabis concentrates to patients and recreational users of Colorado and world wide.
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Terpp Extractors

Location: Fort Collins, CO
Phone: 1-888-572-1911

Terpp Extractors offers a line of Closed Loop Extractors (CLE). We offer fully assembled machines, kits, parts, and accessories. Our extractors are designed to support nonpolar solvents such as N-Butane, ISOButane, and N-Propane.
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Medropharm LLC

Location: Kradolf, TG, Switzerland
Phone: +41 52 383 14 12

Medropharm GmbH specialises in the extraction, production and marketing of pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids and cannabinoid-containing products that make an active contribution to the preservation of health and quality of life. All our efforts are devoted to researching the medicinal plant Cannabis sativa and its useful components and to turning them into suitable inputs for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. We place the greatest emphasis on repeatable production processes, and we strive to attain the highest standards of quality at every stage of processing, from cultivation and handling to the manufacture of finished products.
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MMJ Trim*Rite (dba of TAMG, LLC)

Location: Nationwide
Phone: 888-609-6878 ext.707

MMJ TrimRite is a "one stop" cannabis and MMJ Trimming and Processing group. Providing hand harvesting, trimming and wholesale packaging services that include value added processing via extraction of cannabis by-product.
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Green Dot Labs

Location: Colorado

Green Dot Labs processes marijuana for licensed medical marijuana centers in Colorado. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality extracts for your dispensary. We offer a free consultation for interested MMCs to help educate in our extraction processes and to ensure MMCs are providing patients with the highest quality extracts possible.
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Precision Extraction Solutions

Location: Royal Oak, MI

Precision Extraction Solutions is the industry leader in closed loop light hydrocarbon extraction manufacturing and innovation. We work with many large scale producers and we are experts in both local and state level code compliance. Our expertise extends to our equipment and covers a wide range of competancies including ASME Section VIII code, International Fire Code, and 3A food processing compliance. We strive to lead our industry through saftey, innovation, service, and meticulous quality control.
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Subzero Scientific

Location: Gresham Oregon
Phone: 503-666-3342

We manufacture the best closed loop BHO extractors on the market. We also make high quality oils and other concentrates.
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Apeks Supercritical

Location: Johnstown, Ohio
Phone: 740-809-1160

Apeks Supercritical has been designing and manufacturing botanical oil extraction systems that utilize subcritical and/or supercritical CO2 as a solvent since 2001. Systems range in size from our smallest 1 liter benchtop system to our 40 liter production system and are fully automated for “lights out” operation. We are veteran owned, have several degreed engineers on staff and all of our systems are proudly built in Johnstown, Ohio with as many American made parts and components as possible. We have more than 400 systems being used in extraction applications across the US with more systems being added daily!
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Paradigm Supercritical Innovations

Location: Springfield, OR
Phone: 760-614-5892

PSICO2 is proud to present the Industries first made for Cannabis Co2 Extraction Machine. Our patent pending design allows for easy use of the unit. While our patent pending extraction method produces high percentage of return and a final product which rivals hydrocarbon extractions.
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Mahatma Concentrates

Location: Denver, Colorado

Mahatma Concentrates was established in 2010. We are an independent extraction company, whose primary focus is to create the very best available. Our core beliefs as a company are simple, “produce the best” and everything else falls into place.
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EmoTek Labs

Location: Denver, CO

Industry standard, regulation compliant extractors.
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Green Lion

Location: Seattle WA
Phone: 206-375-5869

Green Lion Farms is Seattle’s first production cannabis nursery and product line dedicated to science-based innovation in premium marijuana clones and production systems. GLF provides CO2oil processing, plant propagation, hemp based building materials, and consulting services. We combine microbiology and cannabis genetics to yield the highest quality products.
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Natural Extract Systems

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Natural Extraction Systems, LLC (NES) is a provider of game-changing, automated cannabis oil extraction solutions for the legal cannabis industry. NES's proprietary extraction technology is designed to facilitate commercial-scale cannabis oil extractions at record speed, while using a safe, natural extraction process that is free of harmful hydrocarbon solvents. No extraction technology is faster - and few can match the quality of our oils.
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Inland Empire Lab

Location: Riverside, CA
Phone: 317-420-4645

Providing quality C02 Extraction, oil, shatter, crumble, capsules and topicals.
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Infinity Supercritical LLC

Location: Ferndale, Washington
Phone: 608-238-6001

Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction Equipment.
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Hudson Valley Lyomac

Location: Hudson, NY

We are direct manufacturers of proven commercial grade freeze dryers for the development and production of wide variety of cannabis products.
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CAT Scientific

Location: Paso Robles, California
Phone: 805-709-1056

CAT Scientific provides post processing equipment for extracted oil placed in cannabis consumables; E-juice, drinks, tinctures and topicals. Our homogenizers, hotplate stirrers, overhead stirrers and dosing devices ensure that your finished product is far superior and highly sought after.
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The Comb Botanical Extractor

Location: San Diego California
Phone: 818-535-5184

The Comb Botanical Extractor is the Most Innovative Closed Loop System in the Market. No Dry Ice - No Hot Water - No Stress.
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Lab Synergy

Location: Goshen, NY

Bringing you World Leaders in Analysis and Measurement. Lab Synergy is the North American distributor for leading manufacturers of laboratory instruments.
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TC Labs

Location: Colorado
Phone: 844-322-8252

TC Labs offers premium concentrates to the Colorado cannabis market. The company provides processing services to dispensaries under the TC Labs brand, and offers premium concentrates grown by our team. Our industry-leading technology and proprietary processes allow us to produce a stable, terpene-rich product, whether it be shatter or budder.
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Connoisseur Concentrates

Location: Tigard, Oregon, Online
Phone: 805-874-2830

Connoisseur Concentrates presents The Solution, Organic Terpenes and Mr Extractor, Personal HyperPassive Butane Extraction System.
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