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Conservative Groups Urge Feds to Protect MMJ Programs

A coalition of conservative groups has sent a letter to federal legislative leaders urging them to preserve the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment, which protects state-approved medical cannabis programs from federal interference.

The letter’s signatories include the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the American Enterprise Institute, Campaign for Liberty, Center for Freedom and Prosperity, Institute for Liberty, and Taxpayer’s Protection Alliance.

“On behalf of the thousands of Americans whose views and values our organizations represent, we respectfully request that as you consider an end-of-the-year omnibus [fiscal year] 2018 appropriations bill, you preserve a provision that has had long-standing support in Congress and among the nation’s voters which modestly protects those states with legal medical marijuana from federal interference.” – CEI-led letter to Congressional leaders.

The groups argue that “at its heart,” the amendments “guard for our nation’s fragile principle of federalism – the right of states to govern matters within their borders as constituents see fit.”

“Our Constitution wisely limits federal power and leaves most issues of law enforcement to the individual states. As a nation of diverse populations and opinions, state legislatures and local law enforcement must be free to decide how best to use their limited resources to protect public safety, raise funds, and fight crime within their borders. What works for the state of New York may not be appropriate for the people of Texas. Rohrabacher-Blumenauer/Leahy would not prevent the federal government from enforcing federal laws criminalizing the sale or use of marijuana. It merely requires the federal government to enforce those laws in a way that respects states’ authority to legislate in this area.”

The amendment, originally referred to as “Rohrabacher-Farr,” has been approved in every federal budget since 2014.

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