Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill last Friday that bans THC-infused gummy candies that may be appealing to children — specifically, gummies that are shaped like humans, animals, or fruit.

Prohibitionists have raised endless concerns over the accidental dosage of children with medicated edibles. The ban, meant to alleviate some of these concerns, does not address cannabis gummies in the shape of stars, hearts, pot leaves, or anything other shape.

The ban takes effect July 1. Later this year, further edibles regulations are coming into effect that will require all edible marijuana products to be stamped with an official symbol belying its THC contents.

Since Colorado voted to legalize cannabis in 2012, reports have increased of children being brought into the emergency room after being accidentally exposed to a THC-infused edible. Cannabis advocates, however, continue to argue that it’s the duty of parents and guardians to prevent their children from getting into their infused edibles stash.

Some advocates have begun wondering if the infused gummies fad is even worth defending as an industry, as lawmakers seem hellbent on their path of over-regulation and pandering to prohibitionist ideals.

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