Cannabis Industry Website Publishes Review of Growth in 2014, Predicts Faster Growth in 2015, a website dedicated to helping cannabis industry professionals grow their business, has published a summary of their accomplishments in 2014 and a wide-cast “thank you” to their readers, supporters, and contributors.

“From our official launch in July through the end of December, we have seen major growth in all of our metrics,” writes Ganjapreneur’s CTO, Noel Abbott.

Ganjapreneur is an online resource dedicated to the business of legalized marijuana, that featuring a live aggregated job feed, a crowd-sourced dictionary of marijuana slang terms, and original content news updates on recent business and political developments in the industry. Ganjapreneur also publishes exclusive interviews with successful “ganjapreneurs” and cannabis investors about their experience in the industry.

The website has an active social media presence, offers a weekly newsletter service, and distributes all of its content — in addition to on — via a free Android app currently available on the Google Play marketplace. They have announced that the app will also be available in the Apple App Store soon.

Most recently, Ganjapreneur launched a domain name marketplace featuring hundreds of industry-related domains that can range in price from less than $1,000 to $50,000 or more. Domains available for purchase include,,, and other premium brands.

“Ganjapreneur has grown rapidly, but we have many more announcements coming in the near future and we will be expanding our services in a major way over the next several months,” Abbott writes. “Here’s to another year of growth for all the ganjapreneurs out there.”


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