Zodaka is the easiest, safest, most reliable cannabis payment system on the market. Our software (built as an API for easy integration) operates via a direct bank-to-bank transfer system which is regulated like cash at the federal level. Zodaka processes entirely domestically without the rolling reserves, high fees, and risk of shutdown that affect the rest of the industry. Merchants can on-board in 1-2 days, customers in 1-2 minutes. We also offer a full banking network!

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Cannabis Merchant Accounts

Zodaka offers reliable electronic payment to merchants in cannabis, CBD, and other high risk industries.

Zodaka Banking Network

Need a cannabis-friendly bank account? Let us know so we can refer you to our cannabis banking network! Qualifying merchants can acquire checking accounts within 2-4 weeks.

Easy to Integrate

Zodaka is built to integrate with the Management, P.O.S., and Ecommerce systems powering the cannabis market. Our API is built simply (with only four endpoints) to make integration a breeze. We also offer our integration partners some of the highest revenue splits in the industry to make sure you are happy with our service.

Bank-To-Bank Transfer

Zodaka is able to process domestically in full compliance because our system does not utilize credit or debit cards (which cannot be used legally in cannabis) and instead connects the customer and merchant bank account directly. This system allows us to charge lower fees because we don't need to utilize overseas bank accounts.

Join the Zodaka Network

Once a user creates a Zodaka account, they can use that account to pay at any Zodaka-merchant. We also have a full Affiliate program offering high revenue splits for referring business to Zodaka, and a full system for tracking and on-boarding the clients you refer.

White-Glove Customer Service

Merchants and customers can reach out to our support addresses at anytime, and will receive a response within one business day. Merchant's will also be assigned an Account Manager when they first sign up who will guide them through using the system.


Jordan Friedman, CEO

ordan Friedman is Zodaka's founder and CEO. As Zodaka's in-house strategist, Jordan guides the development of the product and builds the strategy and business models around disruptive ideas. He is an expert in software development, financial systems, technological trends, go-to market strategy and execution. He also has a relentless passion for deep applied research and in particular focuses on the intricacies of moving money. Jordan has made it Zodaka's mission to help business owners that are financially underserved build sustainable businesses with reliable payment processing.

Jeffrey Friedman, President

Jeffrey C. Friedman, MD is the President and Chairman of the Board of Zodaka and helps run the company with his son, Jordan. He began his business career at a young age working summers in the industrial auction business for his father. He continued his path as an entrepreneur by creating a successful business selling stereo equipment at UC Berkeley while studying economics, eventually importing his stock directly from Hong Kong. After completing medical studies at the University of Paris and completing surgical training as an Officer in the United States Navy he opened the first accredited Outpatient Office based Surgery Center in Contra Costa county, California, where he ran a successful surgery center and plastic surgery practice for 25 years. Outside of medicine, Jeffrey created a property rehabilitation service for sale and property ownership in the Bay Area, Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. During this time Jeffrey has remained a strong proponent of cannabis research and its use in medicine. Technology has always fascinated him. However, life has led him to run a software company with his son, bringing 50 years of business experience to the company.

David Ehrlich, COO

David Ehrlich is Zodaka’s Chief Operating Officer as well as a co-founder. He is a Strategy and Business Development aficionado with an intense passion for software and technology. His knowledge of not only the high risk industry but of industry in general enables him to ensure desired goals are reached in a practical and measured manner. Specializing in business infrastructure, growth and efficiency, David has crafted much of Zodaka's system to make sure it makes the lives of our users and merchants easier, not harder.

Nico Sesma, CTO

As Zodaka's CTO, Nico Sesma leads a large worldwide programming team to develop CannaTech's most disruptive payment system. He had a varied childhood, born in Costa Rica before moving to France, then Texas and ultimately California. He spent his teenage years as a music producer before developing an interest in technology and computer science. After excelling at a coding bootcamp, Nico was hired as a programmer during Zodaka's infancy. Soon, after demonstrating immense programming talent and creative prowess, Nico was promoted to Chief Information Officer of Zodaka.

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