Sams IV, CPA, P.A.

We are a consultative CPA firm, offering tax planning, tax compliance, accounting, and consulting services to businesses in the Cannabis industry. We can help you navigate the issues and opportunities arising from Sections 280E and 263A, and minimize your tax burden. We also have extensive experience in dealing with the IRS and state taxing authorities, as well as the compliance matters of Form 8300 and other federal/state filings. We also assist many businesses in the entity selection process.


Tax Compliance

We will prepare and file all necessary state and federal forms and tax returns.

Tax Planning

We will work with you strategically throughout the year to minimize your tax burden and tax advantage of all possible benefits and efficiencies offered through the federal and state tax codes.


We will work with you to design and implement the proper cost accounting system so that we maximize your cost of goods sold (COGS) and minimize your tax burden.


We will assist you with matters of entity selection, internal control design/implementation, cash flow analysis/planning, and any other areas in which you and your business need guidance.


Melvin L. "Mel" Sams IV

Mel was born in Louisville, KY and grew up surrounded by farming and agriculture. After attending the University of Louisville, Mel moved to Florida and worked for a large local CPA firm. Mel started his business in 2014, and has subsequently served businesses in many sectors, including agriculture and Cannabis.

Startup Services

Find cannabis industry professionals to help start and grow your venture with.






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