Outspoke is an inventory visibility platform for multi-licensed retailers and distributors. Our web-based engine leverages visibility to create actionable marketplace settings and business management utilities. Combining map-based environments, an intuitive CRM software, and top-tier data-sourcing technologies, Outspoke redefines business management, stakeholder collaboration, and competitive growth.


METRC-Integration and ROI Technology

Outspoke generates business-specific data analytics based on real-time METRC data. The platform creates a seamless and compliant experience for users to share bi-directional visibility with stakeholders and team members.

Map-based Supply Chain Management

Our platform’s map combines CRM, ERP, task and supply chain management utilities. This utility advances conventional B2B marketplace prototypes to provide a robust, collaborative, and visibility-oriented environment.

AI for Human Operators

Outspoke utilizes AI to pinpoint new revenue opportunities and provides users with the data access for enhancing B2B strategy. This technology is driven by closed-loop and external environments, allowing brands to make informed developments to a competitive strategy through shared visibility.

Custom Sales Sheets and Allocations

Send or request public and business-specific inventory allocations from a business email through the platform. Create exclusive deals for certain clients or generate customizable inventory sales sheets.

Data-Driven Marketplace

Outspoke is furnished with a distinctive B2B marketplace that empowers users to negotiate purchase terms and search unique data points.