Outspoke is a cannabis & hemp wholesale network and advanced business-to-business platform for multi-license retailers and distributors. Our web-based engine is underpinned by value-driven design and oriented towards the dynamics of the cannabis industry. Combining map-based environments, intuitive CRM software, as well as actionable data-sourcing technology, the outspoke.io smart marketplace redefines brand management, deal execution, and competitive growth.

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Map-based Environment

Outspoke.io features a geo-located map of information pertaining to licensed operators across the United States. This easy-to-use display allows brands to build networks and enrich trading locally or nationwide.

Brand Profile and CRM Interface

Any company using outspoke.io is equipped with a b2b marketplace profile as well as in-depth CRM utilities geared at both managing relations and advancing productivity through deal-making and collaboration.

METRC-Integration and Compliance

Brands that sign up on outspoke.io receive METRIC-integration, which is used across 14 states for all b2b and b2c transactions. This feature streamlines compliance while generating ROI through raw data.

AI & BI Opportunity Search Engine

Outspoke.io includes intuitive AI and BI software designed to generate leads through a search engine composite. This technology is driven by values input from the closed-loop and external marketplaces. The produced actionable data allows a brand to make informed developments to a competitive strategy.

Consumer Marketplace

Outspoke.io offers a functional consumer-facing marketplace that allows brands to sell directly to the consumer while supporting dispensaries with a POS and direct-sale technology.

Consulting Arm

Brands on outspoke.io are granted immediate access to business coaching and advisement through the platform’s adjacent consulting arm.

Startup Services

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