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Smokin' Hot is now MOST, a full-service consulting, marketing, and design firm serving the cannabis and related industries.

Our company was founded 11 years ago in Philadelphia by Claudia Post. Until recently, we were known as Smokin’ Hot Solutions, a digital marketing agency that works with cannabis companies. The name Smokin’ Hot Solutions, and the tagline “We Create The Buzz” was perfect then, but not today.

As the industry has matured, so have we. Two years ago we began our transition to MOST, as we built our new model and teams around consulting, design, and advertising.

Innovation, creativity, and strategic thinking have been important to us from the beginning.

We work in the U.S. and Canada with cannabis companies, hemp/CBD companies, headshops, kratom brands, and all other ancillary industries.

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We collaborate with you to define, prioritize, and plan how to position your company and achieve growth through marketing, advertising, design, and operations. Our mastery of strategy development and positioning of companies, products, and services set us apart from your average marketing agency, branding company, and PR firm that only focus on those specific services.

Marketing & Advertising

We are a team of marketing and advertising experts who have lived the cannabis industry for over 11 years. In a congested industry where it is increasingly harder to market and differentiate as a brand, we have proven time and time again that we are not only capable, but we meet the challenge despite the marketing and advertising restrictions placed on our industry.


Proper branding and design is even more important for cannabis companies as they face many restrictions on paid advertising. Our industry is new and consumers base their purchasing decisions on how packaging looks and how brands creatively present themselves through design. We understand this, so we develop brands that will be successful today and stand the test of time.

Startup Services

Find cannabis industry professionals to help start and grow your venture with.






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