Media Two

You’ve built your brand presence, your website is perfect and you’ve done all of the SEO, PR and Social Media outreach you can – but you need more... Media Two specializes in buying digital media outside of just the trade publications. We identify your audience, and buy mainstream media at scale to help you grow your business. In an industry where you can’t utilize Google and Facebook paid ads, we help you buy media with a data first approach.


Media Buying

Our specialty is working with "enthusiast" groups who might otherwise have a hard time expanding their business. Our data first approach helps to identify the appropriate audience, and our in-house media buyers then do all of the heavy lifting.

Media Strategy

Understanding federal and local marketing laws, and applying them to technology partners who then allow us to buy media across main stream outlets.

Mobile Media

We don't build apps - but once you have one, we'll drive installs and help you market your business on the fastest growing medium out there.


While paid search isn't an option (yet), we were the Google beta testers of the original AdWords program and we also audit your SEO campaigns as a value added service.


Michael Hubbard

Michael Hubbard started Media Two over 20 years ago when people said the internet was just a fad and companies couldn't grow a business there. Now, he helps Fortune 500's and start ups alike find, target and buy their audience (with a lot of help from the other 12 senior media buyers in the office).