M Consulting Experts

M Consulting Experts provides a multitude of cannabis consulting services, with core focuses on licensing, facility design and build-out, compliance, manufacturing, distribution, retail, brand strategy, supply chain management and product development. M Consulting was founded by current cannabis operators who have real life, hands-on experience building and operating multiple cannabis businesses from the ground up with a proven track record of success. Our Team is equipped and ready to help navigate you through the many challenges of the cannabis industry.


Product Development Exploration

Our Team has over 10 years of developing a variety of unique products in the cannabis space for a multitude of brands, so we fully understand the product landscape. From vape and concentrate products, to tincture and edible products, M Consulting Experts will work with you to help you better understand many of the product types in the cannabis space and advise you in determining which of those products may fit your cannabis brand or business the best.

Local Cannabis Business Licensing

When it comes to local cannabis licensing, M Consulting Experts is extremely well versed. We understand many of the common challenges that come with obtaining local cannabis business licensing and we have the pathway to avoid many of the troublesome roadblocks and delays. While each municipality may have different requirements for operators to meet, all municipalities look at similar applicant metrics to ensure they are licensing sound operators.

Project Vendor Recommendations & Management

One of the most overlooked aspects of building a new cannabis business is the team which you select to help carry out your vision. In our experience, it cannot be stated enough just how important finding the RIGHT vendors and service providers that understand the complexities of the cannabis industry really is. Our Team has worked on multiple projects and we have some of the most vetted, successful vendors and service providers in our network that we will not only share with you but can help manage throughout the course of your project. Some of our vetted vendors and service providers include: Architects and Engineers Fire & Life Safety Consultants ADA Consultants General Contractors Security Experts Gas Monitoring System Experts Lawyers Hardware & Packaging Suppliers Branding & Marketing Agencies Political Lobbyists

Advisement on Facility Layout, Design and Equipment Selection

Do you want to build out a licensed cannabis facility but aren’t sure where to start? Having the right floorplan design and equipment to meet your needs is a crucial first step in the architectural and engineering process. M Consulting Experts will work closely with your architectural team to ensure that the layout of your facility matches the goals of your business model. We can advise on the layout, design and equipment needed for a multitude of facility types, such as: Cultivation Volatile and Non-Volatile Extraction Manufacturing, Co-Packing, Packaging an Infusion Distribution Retail Storefront Retail Delivery

Recruitment & Staffing of Operational Personnel

Trust us when we tell you that it’s just as important to hire the right team members as it is to get your cannabis facility licensed. Having the right talent to support your operations is key to growing your business and gaining the right marketplace recognition. At M Consulting Experts, we have interviewed hundreds of candidates for various operational roles in the cannabis industry and we are able to find qualified candidates to fill positions in: Cultivation Manufacturing and Extraction Distribution Sales and Marketing

Development of Standard Operating Procedures

Building a cannabis facility has many of its own challenges, but successfully operating a cannabis facility is an entirely different test on its own. M Consulting Experts has written hundreds of Standard Operating Procedures for a variety of cannabis business types that are not based on the theory of operating a cannabis facility, but rather the real-life practicality of actually running one. All of our SOPs are fully compliant with local and State regulations and we offer assistance in developing two types of SOPs for our clients: General Operational SOPs – SOPs that are necessary for basic operations to run the facility. Product-Specific SOPs- SOPs that are necessary to cultivate or manufacture specific product types, ranging from top shelf flower, to vapes and concentrates, to tinctures and oral sprays.

Oversight of Facility Buildout

Ensuring that a cannabis facility is built-out to pre-identified specifications is a critical component of the licensing process. Our Team has advised on several different facility-type buildouts and there are always unforeseen challenges that pop up. It is crucial to have the right team on-site throughout the building phase (which can last months or even years) to analyze each challenge, as well as anticipate future challenges to ensure that all issues are addressed in a timely manner. Having M Consulting Experts on-site can reduce your buildout timeline and help eliminate unanticipated costs that are sure to pop up during the build-out process.

State Cannabis Business Licensing

M Consulting Experts is very familiar with the State licensing process and our Team has worked on a multitude of applications for different license types at the State level. Our Team is comprised of operator-owners who have developed strong relationships with the State governing cannabis bureaus over the last few years and have a clear understanding of what application metrics need to meet in order to successfully obtain State cannabis licensing.

Cannabis Supply Chain Management

We have the expertise and the Team to help you tighten up your cannabis supply chain. From sourcing of raw materials, to sourcing of hardware and/or packaging, as well as advise on formulations and product development, we have done it all ourselves and can analyze your cannabis operation to ensure you have an efficient and well-oiled supply chain.

General Project Consulting

Do you need help on a project in a way that doesn’t quite fit into any of the categories above? Please reach out to us as our Team would be very interested in learning more about how we might be able to help.


Michael Moussalli and Matteo Tabib

M Consulting Experts was founded in 2020 by Michael Moussalli and Matteo Tabib, two successful cannabis entrepreneurs, business owners and operators. Michael and Matteo have been involved in the cannabis industry since 2015 and are founding partners in Se7enLeaf, a contract manufacturing and distribution company located in Orange County, CA. Se7enLeaf has been operational since 2018 and holds two local permits, along with four state licenses, one of which includes a volatile manufacturing license, the most difficult license to obtain in California. Armed with a unique perspective as both business owners and operators who have built cannabis supply-chain businesses from the ground up and successfully overcome the numerous trials and tribulations associated with facility licensing and buildout, Michael and Matteo possess a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively and efficiently guide other entrepreneurs through the process. M Consulting Experts focuses on streamlining processes for clients to help reduce overall costs and avoid many of the mistakes that are hard to foresee without experience. Our Team has the hands-on, real-time experience that is absolutely necessary when navigating the many facets of this very complicated and compliance focused industry.