Knapp Financials

Empowering cannabusiness to stay in compliance and increase profits with our cannabis accounting expertise. We make sure you are in compliance with 280E, as well as updating all accounting to have you prepared for financial review.



At Knapp Financials we offer all inclusive bookkeeping services. When we bring on new clients, we start with onboarding and clean up to make sure that you are up to date on all records. We maintain solid record keeping with cannabis specific accounting, preparation of all GAAP accruals, while following 280e/ 471 guidelines.

Tax Prep and Tax Returns

Filing yearly taxes is a must. We will provide tax prep, annual tax planning, and strategic planning.

CFO Services

Financial reporting to ensure that you have the best information to run your business. Prepared each month can include professional monthly statements, rolling cash forecasts, KPIs, modeling and others.

Startup Services

Find cannabis industry professionals to help start and grow your venture with.






Patient Focus