HashTAG, an affiliate of The Acheson Group (TAG), provides food safety risk-management services for cannabis-infused food and beverage businesses. As leading food safety experts for the evolving edibles industry, the HashTAG team works with cannabis businesses to assess food safety programs and policies, conduct risk evaluations, and identify areas of opportunity for improvement. Through their in-depth industry knowledge, authoritative regulatory insights, and real-world experience, the HashTAG team helps clients make safe, quality products – successfully.


Cannabis GMPs

HashTAG helps clients to produce safe, quality THC and CBD products from cannabis and hemp – successfully.

HACCP applications to cannabis edibles

Many states are requiring producers to have HACCP plans. HashTAG can help with its development, review, and application.

Recall and crisis management for CBD and THC products

We help you keep tainted product, public recall or enforcement action from damaging your company’s brand.

Supply Chain Risk Control

It isn’t always easy to control the practices of your suppliers and their suppliers that could put you at risk, but with a thorough supply chain program, it can be done.

Regulatory and standards compliance

We help with cannabis, hemp, THC and CBD regulatory compliance – whether you are dealing with CFIA in Canada, the states or FDA in the U.S., or GFSI in either.

Facility and equipment design

Setting up for safe, quality cannabis and hemp production means ensuring your facility and equipment are food safe. Call on TAG today!


Dr. David Acheson - President & CEO

Dr. Acheson brings decades of experience across the entire food and import safety sector, helping clients enter new markets, enhance the value of their products, and navigate dynamic scientific and regulatory systems. David’s background in medicine, food safety, molecular pathogenesis and the regulatory environment of both FSIS and FDA provides a unique depth of experience that is shared with our clients.