HashTAG, an affiliate of The Acheson Group (TAG), provides food safety consulting services for the cannabis-infused food and beverage industry for both human and animal products. By leveraging our team’s deep industry expertise, which includes over 150 years of combined food safety knowledge and global perspectives, we work with our clients to assess food safety programs and policies, conduct risk evaluations, and identify areas of opportunity for improvement, HashTAG helps clients make safe, quality products – successfully.

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Edible Production Safety Assessments

Recall and Crisis Management


Development of food and beverage safety programs and standard operating procedures including good manufacturing practices.

Facility and Equipment Design

For sanitary production


Assistance with regulatory compliance and mock regulatory inspections

Product and Supply Chain Controls


Dr. David Acheson - President & CEO

Dr. Acheson brings decades of experience across the entire food and import safety sector, helping clients enter new markets, enhance the value of their products, and navigate dynamic scientific and regulatory systems. David’s background in medicine, food safety, molecular pathogenesis and the regulatory environment of both FSIS and FDA provides a unique depth of experience that is shared with our clients.