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GRND: Global Recruiting Network Development

GRND is a global recruiting agency that specializes in executive recruiting. GRND recruits and retains elite professionals that bring leadership, ethics, professionalism, and innovation to the cannabis industry. At GRND, we’ve created a culture of community that stretches across continents. We value our candidates and clients by bringing value to their lives and businesses. When we work together, we grow together. Ready To Grow?

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Recruiting, Executive Recruiting

GRND recruits elite professionals from around the globe through digital or physicals means. GRND conducts a series of interviews built around GRND’s four criteria of the ideal candidate. GRND’s uncompromising hiring standard sets them apart, saving their clients time while giving them peace of mind.

Compensation Consulting

Helps clients establish a sustainable compensation plan that correlates with their company's talent investment and retention strategy, including but not limited to current job descriptions, salaries and bonuses built on current market data.


Nikki Mantooth

Nikki’s passion for people is exemplified in her focus to help individuals achieve their dreams. She is a firm believer that a candidate's success is a business's success, fueling global success.

Startup Services

Find cannabis industry professionals to help start and grow your venture with.






Patient Focus