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Alpha Merchant Bank

Domestic CBD payment processing at 3.95% with no reserve. You must be doing $100K per month via cards, ACH, checks, wires or a combination of the 4.

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Legacy Cash Deposit Program

We have a unique solution to handle the cash that cannabis merchants struggle with. We provide cultivators, extractor-processors, and retailers in divesting cash into legitimate FDIC US bank accounts that we have relationships with. Cash deposits accepted up to $10,000,000 weekly. Armored car pickup.

MMJ, CBD, KRATOM, SARMS Merchant Accounts 5.95%

No reserve. Daily payouts 98% approvals 100% full credit Visa/MC card and signature debit card processing solution. Approvals within 48-hours.

Cannabis Project Loans

MMJ Credit Facility start rates @6.99% to 8.99%, Interest Only. Projects with Real Estate receive 1st priority lien in conjunction with license and equipment, and equity pledges with the total capital stack from 75-85% LTC. Credit Worthy projects and principals only.

Startup Services

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