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We are Cannabis Industry Financial Experts helping CEO's transform their business by saving tons on taxes, increasing cash flow, enhancing margins, and improving processes. We go beyond Section 280e issues; your problems are our solutions.

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Part-Time CFO Services

A Cannabis CEO needs financial information to run their business efficiently and wisely. If you are not getting timely monthly financials, rolling cash forecasts and money saving ideas, contact us.

Tax Planning and Stratigies

CEO's need to know where the money has been and where it is going. We work side by side to make sure you have the most complete information to make informed decisions regarding your taxes and company planning.

Tax Preparation

This is perhaps the scariest area a CEO in the industry can deal with. Are your tax returns prepared correctly? How do you know? Contact us for a complimentary review; we KNOW what to look for!

Accounting and Reporting

We provide solutions for the Cannabis CEO utilizing expert accounting skills. Let us show you how we can: Fix your books - Perform correct 280e/cost accounting calculations - Perform reporting for investors/audits/lenders/state license reviews

Tax Resolution

If you run into tax trouble, we are the experts in helping you resolve your problem. We can help with: Tax liens - Bank levys - IRS / state audits - Payroll tax problems - Wage garnishment - Payment plans - Offer in compromise


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