Cannabis Cash Solutions

At Cannabis Cash Solutions we specialize in automating cash handling for marijuana-related businesses. Our turnkey cash management system makes it easy to start protecting your investment today.

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The Benefits

Saves time by automating cash handling - Prevents shrinkage - Deters robberies - Simplifies store closing procedures by eliminating cash counting - Provides accountability to investors - Streamlines cash pickups

Dispensary Automated Cashier

Completely automate your cash handling so your staff never has to handle your cash again. Customers directly insert their cash into the Dispensary Automated Cashier and automatically receive accurate change.

Smart Cash Deposit Vault

The Smart Cash Deposit Vault automatically counts your cash and stores it for pickup. Less cash on hand means less temptation and less potential for cash to disappear.

Delivery Cash Deposit Vault

The Delivery Cash Deposit Vault is specifically designed to be placed inside your delivery vehicles to protect your cash and to provide real-time accountability for your delivery drivers.