BLAZE is an award-winning cannabis software suite for dispensaries and delivery services. Cannabis commerce is effortless with a POS platform that centralizes operations and combines efficient online ordering, inventory management, and payment processing. BLAZE has worked diligently to build a reputation as an industry leader by meeting the needs of our 1500+ customers across the U.S. and Canada.


BLAZE Retail

BLAZE Retail is a powerful point-of-sale software that provides inventory management, compliance, loyalty/rewards, and state reporting for cannabis retailers.

BLAZE Delivery

BLAZE Delivery transforms any smartphone into a mobile POS register. Delivery drivers can accept orders, fulfill orders, chat with dispatch, call customers, and process transactions all on the go.


BLAZEPAY is a fully integrated payment platform that increases average cart sizes, eliminates manual entry errors, and allows for budtender tipping, all while ensuring the merchant gets paid on time, all the time.


BLAZE ECOM is your digital online shopping experience for customers. Attract, convert, and retain customers with an SEO-friendly e-commerce website. Allow customers to order and schedule pickup or delivery with just a few clicks.

BLAZE Insights

BLAZE Insights puts powerful reporting and analytics in one easy-to-use dashboard. Cannabis retailers can weaponize their data to give them a competitive edge with the ability to drill down into reports and make data-driven decisions.

BLAZE Dispatch

BLAZE Dispatch provides a streamlined solution for enterprise-level delivery services. Centralize your dispatching operation to manage orders across multiple retailers or delivery hubs. BLAZE Dispatch makes cannabis delivery effortless, organized, and efficient.


Christopher Violas

With a dedication for driving cannabis industry innovation through technology, CEO and Founder Chris Violas uses his on-the-ground experience in cannabis operations and Amazon business development to support the growth of cannabis retailers. His background in business information systems and online security, coupled with his time as an owner of a dispensary and delivery service, gives him the perspective necessary to drive the expansion of BLAZE’s powerful platforms and knows the importance of B2B relationship-building within the industry.

Manh Do

Co-founded BLAZE with Chris in 2017. Manh has deep knowledge of software and application development and great experience in building tech teams that move fast. He has successfully completed several professional and enterprise-grade desktop applications, mobile, and web applications. Thes applications were for both medium size companies and Fortune 500 corporations.