Agrify Corporation

Agrify develops premium indoor grow solutions designed with your facility’s maximum success in mind. Our integrated hardware and software solutions enable horticulturalists to consistently produce the highest quality crops, at the lowest possible cost.


Commercial & Home Grow Systems

Stackable, integrated grow VFUs (Vertical Farming Units) featuring a fully managed micro-climate. Maximize your production output by stacking Agrify VFUs up to 3 units tall, allowing for 6 total levels of canopy space. The end result? The ultimate end-to-end cultivation solution.

Environmental Threat Solutions

Since the EPA is a federal agency and cannabis is not yet recognized on the federal level, access to effective non-toxic pesticides is extremely restrictive. We've partnered with Enozo®, a company that has developed a sanitizing method for surfaces that uses aqueous ozone to kill 99.9% of harmful pathogens while keeping your workers, plants, and users completely safe using just water. Airborne contaminants such as powdery mildew and botrytis represent a persistent threat, causing crop failures and requiring massive decontamination efforts. To address this problem, we've partnered with Bluezone®. Bluezone® has now applied this military-grade technology to protect a grow facility, relentlessly destroying airborne pathogens with ultraviolet-enhanced oxidation.

Grow & Production Planning Software

Agrify Insights software turns growth into "set it and forget it." Automate every routine within your environment for maximum consistency and achieve 98%+ utilization of your infrastructure ⁠— even if you're growing multiple strains with different life cycles and grow plans.

Engineering Services

Buying the equipment is only the first step, next, it's time to build it into a space that is optimized for best yields. Consult with engineering experts from Agrify to ensure the best grow & production buildout possible.

Capital Financing

Entering the cannabis space is a huge startup cost. Get help with equipment and capital financing from Agrify.


Raymond Chang, CEO

Raymond is a serial entrepreneur and the managing director of NXT Ventures, an early-staged investment fund based in Boston. He is also a Lecturer in the Practice of Entrepreneurship at the Yale School of Management, and an Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship at Babson College. Today, he is the CEO of Agrify, the only end-to-end integrated hardware and software solution provider for indoor farming of cannabis/leafy greens.