A large indoor cannabis cola.

Rory Savatgy

Colorado legislation that would extend some of the rules for the state’s retail operators passed the Senate unanimously yesterday after passing the House 63-1 on Feb. 2, according to a report by the Denver Channel. The bill now awaits the signature of Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper.

The measure would create a new license for medical cannabis business owners who receive profits from the medical program but are not owners of the property. The proposal would also allow medical licensees to move their operations anywhere in the state as long as they are approved in those jurisdictions. Under current law, operators can only move within a city or county. The move, if approved by the governor, would put the medical rules in line with those for the recreational sector.

Additionally, the measure would allow medical cannabis licensees to “remediate” products that test positive for microbials, rather than destroy them. According to a January 2016 report from Steep Hill Labs, while remediation is possible there is an industry-wide lack of remediation strategies. This, too, puts the medical sector rules in line with those for the recreational sector.

The fourth change would allow licensed infused-product manufacturers to buy and sell medical cannabis to and from each other.

Due to the overwhelming passage of the measure in both houses, the governor is expected to sign the bill.

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