The Crowne Plaza hotel in Seattle, Washington.

Jeff Wilcox

Many of the top minds in cannabis recently met in Seattle on Friday, Jan. 6 for the third annual Washington Cannabis Summit.

The summit was hosted by the Cannabis Alliance, one of Washington’s top non-profits in the fight for cannabis normalization. With the new regulations and rule handed down by the Washington State Liquor Control Board (LCB), new states coming online with legalization and the preparation for a change in the oval office, there was much to discuss at this year’s summit.

Ray Carveth, a professional communications trainer was the moderator for the day, and he shared the stage with keynote speakers Betty Aldworth and Jeremy Plumb, as well as Cannabis Alliance president Danielle Rosellison. There were panels throughout the day with topics ranging from “Cannabis Therapy” to “The Future of Cannabis and Hemp as Recognized Agricultural Topics.”

There was a lot of excitement about the new research license available and the possibility of Washington becoming the epicenter of cannabis research. Maxwell Salinger, director of Solstice Grown Cannabis, expressed his thoughts on the new research license: “It’s phenomenal that someone like me can add plants to our canopy for research purposes, and still keep our plants for retail sales.”

Other topics, such as “Cannabis as Medicine” and “Policy and Politics,” generated very engaging discussions with the crowd.

Washington is in a great position to help the rest of the country move forward with legalization for adult recreational use as well as medical use. With organizations like the Cannabis Alliance paving the way for cannabis reform and research opportunities, 2017 should be a banner year for the cannabis industry in Washington state and beyond.

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