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Matt Brown: Inside the Colorado Model

With two legal recreational markets in the United States and several more on the way, much of the debate has focused on what sort of industry model works best. As anyone involved in the industry knows, the politics of legalization Read More

Douglas Leighton: Investing in Cannabis Industry Start-Ups

Ganjapreneur is dedicated to helping cannabis entrepreneurs grow their business, so we’re excited to present our latest interview with cannabis investor Douglas Leighton. Leighton is a co-founder and principal partner at Dutchess Capital, an investment group which manages world-class investment funds for start-up, Read More

Danielli Martel: The World’s First Cannabis Day Spa

Since the inception of Colorado’s recreational cannabis industry, the market has grown and thrived. Apart from growers, processors, and retailers, the industry has created opportunities for all types of niche businesses. One such business is Primal Wellness, the world’s first day spa Read More

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Bill to Legalize Hemp Proposed In Missouri

Last Thursday, January 15, state Senator Rob Schaaf (R – Saint Joseph) introduced Senate Bill 255 to legalize the production of industrial hemp in Missouri. “Buchanan County used to be one of the main growers of industrial hemp,” Dr. Schaaf told the Read More

Explaining Washington’s Problematic Marijuana Surplus

First Washington had too little recreational cannabis to support the retail market debut last July, and now the Evergreen State has too much product. The fall 2014 harvest has come in, resulting in a surplus of cannabis that the small number of recreational shops Read More

After Suing Colorado’s Legal Marijuana, Nebraska Now Looking at New MMJ Legislation

Senator Tommy Garrett recently introduced the Cannabis Compassion and Care Act. The bill outlines a plan to create a highly regulated medical marijuana system for seriously ill patients and could be monumental for Nebraska. If signed into law, this could relieve the suffering Read More

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Trichomes are the crystalline structures on the bud of a flowering marijuana plant. They contain most of the THC and other cannabinoid chemicals produced and sought after in the cannabis plant. Trichomes are the crystals visible in kief (or dry sieve hash), and are often considered the most desirable quality of a good bit of bud.
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