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Leading Drug Policy Expert Endorses Marijuana Legalization In Oregon

Mark Kleiman, the Washington state “pot czar” and a leading drug policy expert who has criticized a state-by-state approach to marijuana legalization, came out on Thursday in favor of Oregon’s ballot measure to legalize the drug for recreational purposes. Read More

Michigan Stands to Gain $122 Million Through Legalized Marijuana, an Internet business news portal, has published a list of the seven states who stand the most to gain financially from the legalization of marijuana, and Michigan is on the list. Michigan’s potential revenue from sales and excise taxes: $ 122 million. Read More

First-year Recreational Marijuana Sales in Alaska Would Be $55.6 million

The Marijuana Policy Group has released a new report, “Market Size and Demand for Marijuana in Alaska,” with a major finding that “the state-wide value of first-year sales would be $ 55.6 million, assuming the pre-tax retail price is similar to Colorado during their first Read More

Morocco Looking At Cannabis Legalization

While Morocco’s cannabis farmers have been forced in the past to cultivate their crops under blackmail conditions and constant harassment from police, a new proposal aimed at legalizing marijuana could put an end to these unlawful shakedowns and stimulate an economic uprising. Read More

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