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Dan Humiston: Creating the International Cannabis Association

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dan Humiston, founder and president of the International Cannabis Association, who represents a large demographic of hopeful entrants to the cannabis industry. While there are plenty of people across the U.S. who are looking Read More

Mike Siffin: Exploring the Cannabis Entertainment Niche

Our latest featured ganjapreneur has made it his mission to normalize cannabis and overcome stereotypes with entertainment products geared toward the consumer. Mike Siffin, founder of Hash Brothers Entertainment, has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a cannabis-themed board game called “Pipes Read More

Michelle Sexton: Cannabis Testing for Safety and Consistency

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Michelle Sexton of PhytaLab, a cannabis testing lab serving medical and recreational cannabis businesses in Washington State. Dr. Sexton founded PhytaLab in 2010, and she has also served as a consultant to the Read More

Todd Mitchem: Creating a Cannabis-Friendly Dating App

One of the most common misconceptions about cannabis is that it has the same effect on everyone who consumes it. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth: some people are social smokers, some people want to work out when they Read More

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Special Senate Committee to Manage Oregon Medical Marijuana Issue

After the Oregon Legislature’s new marijuana committee hit an impasse Monday night, Oregon Senate president Peter Courtney formed a special Senate committee designed to help move beyond the issue. Although the committee had mostly reached a consensus on SB 844, Read More

Ohio County Prosecutor Says Current Marijuana Laws Are “Useless”

In Ohio, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters stated Tuesday that he believes the state’s current marijuana laws are “useless,” and that enforcing them is a “major waste of resources for law enforcement.” Deters, a Republican known as one of Ohio’s Read More

New Jersey MMJ Lawsuit: Should Student Patients Be Allowed to Medicate on School Grounds?

The Larc School, a private school for children with disabilities located in Bellmawr, New Jersey, made headlines earlier this month when Roger and Lora Barbour, parents of 16-year-old Genny Barbour, filed a lawsuit against the school for barring their daughter Read More

Kentucky Hemp Production Sees Dramatic Increase In 2015

Agriculture officials in Kentucky stated that hemp production in the state will exceed 1,700 acres in 2015, up from just 33 acres last year. The increased investment is from processors aiming to create new products from the newly-legalized plant. One Read More

Kansas House Passes Bill Reducing Possession Penalties

The Kansas House of Representatives passed a bill last week to soften penalties for marijuana possession, allow for the study of hemp cultivation, and authorize some medical marijuana use in the treatment of seizures. HB 2049 passed the House by Read More

Morgan Freeman: Marijuana Should Be Legalized “Across The Board”

Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman stated that marijuana should be legalized “across the board” in an interview with the Daily Beast last week. Freeman, a longtime marijuana user, was badly injured in a 2008 car accident in Mississippi, when his 1997 Read More

Ganja Vocabulary

"20 Bag"

A bag containing 20 dollars worth of marijuana. The total volume of product you will receive for 20 dollars depends on who you buy it from and where you are located. Typically, a 20 bag contains about 2 grams of weed. However, many dealers will skimp on smaller quantities because they are less likely to be weighed and the customers are usually more annoying.
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