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  • daniellimartel

    Danielli Martel: The World’s First Cannabis Day Spa

    Since the inception of Colorado’s recreational cannabis industry, the market has grown and thrived. Apart from growers, processors, and retailers, the industry has created opportunities for all types of niche businesses. One such business is Primal Wellness, the world’s first day spa offering cannabis-infused products and related… Read More

  • stevensiegel

    Steven Siegel: Pioneering Seed-To-Sale Tracking Systems

    As cannabis legalization has gone recreational, the demand for more regulation and oversight has grown significantly. In Washington State as well as other markets, authorities have stipulated that plants produced under the regulated market need to be tracked from the individual seed all the way to… Read More

  • mattgreyphoto

    Matt Gray: From a Recipe Website to a Crowdfunded Cookbook

    Special brownies have been around for a long time, but only recently has the general public become aware of the many other applications of cannabis as an herb used for cooking. The Stoner’s Cookbook is a website dedicated to marijuana culinary enthusiasts for sharing infused recipes.… Read More

Cannabis Business Directory

Sponsored Headlines and MJbizwire Acquired By Northsight Capital

Northsight Capital, Inc. (OTCQB: NCAP), announced this week that it has acquired two premier marijuana industry businesses:, a marijuana industry job search website, and, a press release distribution and publication service designed for marijuana industry businesses. Read More

This Bio-Composite Electric Car Is Made From Hemp

Industrial hemp campaign takes a giant leap forward Environmentalists speak often, and prophetically, about the need for more industry impetus for cars with low or—even better yet—zero emissions. What’s not center-stage, and should be, is the fact that hemp fiber can be used effectively as Read More

Washington Retail Cannabis Sales Set Single-Day Record

The state of Washington set a one-day marijuana sales record on Nov. 26, as shoppers stocked up on supplies the day before the Thanksgiving holiday when retail sales reached the million dollar mark for the first time. The charts below were created by Xylem Exchange, a Read More

Marijuana Legalization In D.C. to Proceed Without Regulated Distribution

Republicans were successful in including language in the “cromnibus” federal spending bill that interferes with the right of Washington, D.C. to set its own marijuana policies. The D.C. marijuana rider inserted in the bill allows D.C.’s marijuana decriminalization law (passed earlier this year) to stand, while Read More


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Weedologists are becoming much more common as legalization efforts nationwide push marijuana into mainstream popularity. A weedologist is a person who studies marijuana, this field being called "Weedology."
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