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Michelle Sexton: Cannabis Testing for Safety and Consistency

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Michelle Sexton of PhytaLab, a cannabis testing lab serving medical and recreational cannabis businesses in Washington State. Dr. Sexton founded PhytaLab in 2010, and she has also served as a consultant to the Read More

Todd Mitchem: Creating a Cannabis-Friendly Dating App

One of the most common misconceptions about cannabis is that it has the same effect on everyone who consumes it. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth: some people are social smokers, some people want to work out when they Read More

Kristin Nevedal: Patient Focused Certification for Cannabis Businesses

We are excited to announce the first episode of our new podcast with host Shango Los of the Vashon Island Marijuana Entrepreneurs Alliance! In this series, Shango will interview cannabis industry entrepreneurs, activists, investors, and legislators about their experience and Read More

Brian Westphal: Spreading Hemp Awareness with Skateboards

Recently, Ganjapreneur had the chance to connect with Brian Westphal, an entrepreneur looking to innovate and spread awareness in the industrial hemp sector. Westphal’s company, Lotus Boards, is working to produce the world’s first hemp-plastic skateboard. The company’s goal, as stated on their website, Read More

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Cannabis Polling Better Than Any 2016 Presidential Contender in Three Major Swing States

According to a Quinnipiac University poll conducted in March, marijuana legalization is polling better than any 2016 Presidential candidate. The poll, which surveyed voters in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, found that more than 80 percent of adults support medical marijuana Read More

Cannabis Topicals: A Good Niche for Health Entrepreneurs

Marijuana topicals are having their day, particularly in Colorado where cannabis-themed spas are offering therapeutic massage and alternative treatments that use salves, balms and oils infused with cannabis. Generally, these topicals begin with a carrier oil like coconut oil or Read More

Medical Marijuana Legislation Filed in Alabama State Senate

Comprehensive medical marijuana legislation was filed in the Alabama state Senate last Thursday, and will be followed by a companion bill in the House. SB 326, the Alabama Medical Marijuana Patient Safe Access Act, was filed by Senator Bobby Singleton Read More

Florida’s Restrictive MMJ Law Faces New Challenges

The Florida legislature continues to face legal challenges in its attempt to allow patients access to low-THC, high-CBD marijuana strains like Charlotte’s Web. A new bill written to expedite this process has engendered some pushback from black farmers, who assert Read More

New Religious Freedom Law in Indiana Effectively Legalizes Marijuana Consumption

When Indiana lawmakers passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act last week, they appear to have inadvertently opened the door to legal marijuana consumption — but only if it’s used as part of a religious act or expression. The nuance in the new law Read More

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Reclaim is a byproduct slime that forms as the result of dabbing: its essentially the resin-equivalent of an oil rig. You can smoke it, but, like resin, many people find it gross, smelly, and undesirable. It also looks pretty ugly in your uncleaned rig.
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