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Possibility for 2016 Marijuana Legalization in Massachusetts

As we await Election Day, to get our bearings as to how fast the tide is turning against Prohibition, let us take stock on how things are shaping up for 2016. Between the Massachusetts “public policy questions,” and the votes in Alaska, Oregon, D.C., Florida, and Read More

Brief: Obama Nominates Supporter of MJ Legalization to Lead DOJ’s Civil Rights Division

President Obama will nominate Vanita Gupta, a lawyer from the American Civil Liberties Union, for the top position in the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, the Washington Post reports. Gupta is currently the director of the ACLU’s Center for Justice. She has voiced strong opinions against mandatory minimum Read More

Harvard Marijuana Research Program Receives $500,000 Donation

Though the federal government denies it, marijuana is medicine – and its time to start researching it as such. Prohibition keeps the scientific community from delving too deeply into cannabis’ medical qualities, but that taboo is beginning to wear off. Harvard University, for example, recently received Read More

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