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Dominic Corva: Cannabis Policy & The Future of Humboldt County

The cannabis legalization movement has gained serious momentum over the past three years,  and with Congress’s decision to restrict the DEA from interfering with state medical programs and the Obama Administration’s recent move opening the doors to medical marijuana research, it seems that the movement’s Read More

Ethan Russo: Endocannabinoid Deficiency & Medical Cannabis

When the acceptance of medical cannabis goes mainstream, the pharmaceuticals landscape could face the most significant disruption of its existence. Due to the federal classification of marijuana as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, researching possible medical uses for the plant Read More

Jeff Church: Extraction Methods and the Rise of Rosin Tech

“Rosin Tech” (or RosinTech, depending on who you ask) is a new form of home hash production which has taken Instagram by storm due to its simplicity and the quality of product it produces. Essentially, Rosin Tech involves using a hair Read More

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Robert Calkin: Making Cannabis Careers Possible

Our most recent interview features Robert Calkin, founder of Cannabis Career Institute, an innovator among marijuana schools. Robert is also president of the nation’s first and arguably most successful branded MMJ delivery service, Green Dot Delivery. In this interview, Robert explains his Read More

Garyn Angel: Empowering Patients with Homemade Cannabis Infusions

Anyone who has tried likely remembers the first time they attempted to infuse butter with cannabis, and everyone’s story probably shares a common theme of rookie mistakes and an unfamiliarity with the whole infusion process. But what if there were a way to standardize the process—to Read More

Dan Humiston: Creating the International Cannabis Association

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dan Humiston, founder and president of the International Cannabis Association, who represents a large demographic of hopeful entrants to the cannabis industry. While there are plenty of people across the U.S. who are looking Read More

Mike Siffin: Exploring the Cannabis Entertainment Niche

Our latest featured ganjapreneur has made it his mission to normalize cannabis and overcome stereotypes with entertainment products geared toward the consumer. Mike Siffin, founder of Hash Brothers Entertainment, has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a cannabis-themed board game called “Pipes Read More

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New York Senate Passes Emergency MMJ Access Bill

In a rare display of bipartisanship, the New York Senate passed a bill that would speed up access to medical marijuana for patients suffering from severe illnesses. The bill passed the Republican-controlled senate 50-12 after clearing the Democrat-controlled Assembly 130-18, Read More

Canada High Court Rules All Forms of Cannabis Legal for Medical Use

Canada’s highest court made a laudable legal decision last week, ruling unanimously that all forms of cannabis are legal for medical purposes. The decision brings edibles, concentrates, topical lotions and other forms under the legal medical marijuana umbrella. The court Read More

New York City Hospital Partners with Colorado Dispensary for NY Medical Marijuana License

North Shore-LIJ Health System, a major New York City hospital network, has partnered with Colorado’s Silverpeak Apothecary in hopes to be approved as one of the state’s few licensed medical marijuana providers. North Shore-LIJ runs 19 hospitals with an additional 400 Read More

Colorado Supreme Court Upholds Right of Employers to Fire Cannabis Users, Even MMJ Patients

The Colorado Supreme Court unanimously upheld decisions by lower courts that allow employers to fire employees for off-the-clock medical marijuana use. According to the state’s lawful off-duty activities statute, an activity must be legal under both state and federal law Read More

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Cannabis extract that’s way stronger than regular cannabis. It’s an opaque form of hash oil with a concentration of about 80-90% THC. In the usual form, you can’t get weed that’s stronger than 30%, so this stuff really is potent. The method for extracting such a concentrated dose was discovered by Budderking, who is now infamous in the cannabis subculture.
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