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Congressional Research Service Examines the Federal Taxation of Marijuana

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) released a comprehensive thirty five-pagereport last week examining the federal government establishing a wholesale excise tax on the production and sale of cannabis-related products. Read More

Marijuana Treatment Holds Promise for Patients With PTSD

More than 5 million people suffer from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) annually, and new research suggests that cannabis may help them find relief and may even offer better care than the current class of drugs commonly used to treat the disorder. Read More

Colorado Cannabiz Credit Union Could Open By Jan. 1

The world’s first banking institution established to serve legal marijuana businesses could be open in Colorado by January 1, the Denver Post reports. The Fourth Corner Credit Union received an unconditional charter from the Colorado Division of Financial Services on Wednesday. The Fourth Corner still requires insurance via the Read More

IRS Advisory Council Opts to Protect Accountants Working for Marijuana Businesses

On Wednesday, the IRS Advisory Council (IRSAC) released a report making a number of observations and recommendations to the Internal Revenue Service and federal policy makers relating to the need for greater latitude and legal protections (under the current federal anti-marijuana laws) for tax professionals Read More


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Another popular slang term for marijuana, the name "green" is often used as a sort of code for talking about weed when you're worried the NSA is listening in on your phone conversations about drug deals, or perhaps reading the text messages between you and your dealer.
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